What's new in Codewars: March highlights

Vanessa Greene
April 22, 2024
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Welcome back to our highlights from the Codewars engineering team! At the beginning of the year, we set out to make several administrative improvements to Codewars, allowing us to provide an improved user experience. We have refrained from including these details in this blog series; however, we are ready to introduce you to our enhanced features.    


  • Updated advert experience: We are currently working on an update to our in-platform advertising for free Codewars users; this improved experience launched in early April. Are you looking for an advert-free Codewars experience? Join Codewars Red today.

Bug fixes  

  • Show pending kata issues on the kata search page: We resolved a bug that prevented the accurate number of pending issues from being displayed on a kata search results. This fix has moved the counting metric to our backend services, speeding up kata management for menders and moderators.  

New administration and moderation features

Trust and Safety is at the heart of Codewars. After reviewing of our account restriction procedures, we identified several opportunities to improve the experience for admin, support, moderators, and affected users.  

The new Codewars suspension process aims to provide affected users with as much transparency as possible in their account suspension, including;

  • Improved details on the cause of your suspension.
  • Improved reporting detail for moderators and admin.  
  • Increased visibility on suspension causes and actions for the Codewars support team.

What’s next?

Occasionally, we will include a glimpse into some of our more significant features on our roadmap. So, what’s next?    

Profile avatars for all users

We’re bringing the ability to upload your profile avatar to Codewars, allowing users who have not connected their GitHub account to update their avatars. Please note that users who have connected their GitHub account to Codewars will continue to update their avatars through GitHub.    

Code Runner

We aim to update Code Runner with one language update or one new language every three months. On occasion this may include more than one update. Language updates are implemented in response to requests from our community and based on demand.

Please raise your ticket directly on our Code Runner repo here to request an update.  

Get Support:

If you have any feature requests, encounter any bugs, or have product feedback, please reach out to us by email at info@codewars.com.  

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