What's new in Codewars: February highlights

Vanessa Greene
February 29, 2024
min read

February was a short and sweet month, but that doesn’t mean we slowed down our production on Codewars.  


  • Moderation tools: as part of our trust and safety improvements this quarter, we have improved the ability of our moderation team to delete problematic comment threads in one go.  

New features:

  • Comment retrieval: added the functionality for admins and moderators to recover comments from a centralised dashboard.  

Code Runner updates:

New language versions added:
Language Updated version Stable version(s)
Dart 3.3 2.14, 3.3

Get Support:

If you have any feature requests or encounter any bugs, please reach out to us by email at info@codewars.com.  

For programming language or version requests, please raise this directly on our Code Runner GitHub, here.

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